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How PostgreSQL Handles Sub Transaction Visibility In Streaming Replication

1. Introduction As an experienced PostgreSQL user, you may have a lot of experience in setting up streaming replication in your database clusters to make multiple backups of your data. But have you wondered how the standby is able to correctly determine if a tuple sent from the primary should be visible to the user…
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Replication Failover with pg_rewind in PG12

1. Overview In the previous blog, we have discussed how to correctly set up streaming replication clusters between one master and one slave in Postgres version 12. In this blog, we will simulate a failover scenario on the master database, which causes the replica (or slave) database cluster to be promoted as new master and…
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Streaming Replication Setup in PG12 – How to Do it Right

1. Overview PostgreSQL 12 has been considered as a major update consisting of major performance boost with partitioning enhancements, indexing improvements, optimized planner logics and several others. One of the major changes is noticeably the removal of recovery.conf in a standby cluster. For this reason, the procedure to set up a streaming replication clusters has…
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