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New in PostgreSQL 16: Bi-Directional Logical Replication

Introduction In this blog, we’ll be going over some more advanced topics new in Postgres 16. Having some experience with Linux, Postgres, and SQL is necessary as we’ll not only be going over these new features but also how to implement them. This blog was written using PostgreSQL 16 (Development Version) running on Ubuntu 23.04.…
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MongoDB Logical Decoding Plugin – First Community Release on GitHub

HighGo Software Inc. (Canada) is pleased to announce the first GitHub community release of MongoDB Logical Decoding plugin v1.0.6 (wal2mongo), which can be used to replicate PostgreSQL database changes to an output format that can be directly fed into the mongo client tool to achieve logical replication between PostgreSQla and MongoDB. Wal2mongo plugin is useful…
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Can Sequence Relation be Logically Replicated?

1. Introduction I have noticed that there is a page on the offical PostgreSQL documentation (https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/logical-replication-restrictions.html) that states several restrictions to the current logical replication design. One of the restrictions is about sequence relation type where any changes associated with a sequence is not logically replicated to the subscriber or to the decoding plugin. This…
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Logical Replication Between PostgreSQL and MongoDB

1. Introduction PostgreSQL and MongoDB are two popular open source relational (SQL) and non-relational (NoSQL) databases available today. Both are maintained by groups of very experienced development teams globally and are widely used in many popular industries for adminitration and analytical purposes. MongoDB is a NoSQL Document-oriented Database which stores the data in form of…
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