HighGo PostgreSQL Server 2.3

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

Release Notes

HighGo Software Canada (a subsidiary of HighGo Software Inc) is ready to release an update for HighGo Postgres Server (HG-PGSQL 2.3). It contains all the changes included in PostgreSQL community release version 13.3 plus additional useful features unique to HG-PGSQL.

HG-PGSQL 2.3 is built on top of already feature-rich and powerful open-source database solution (PostgreSQL 13.3) and HighGo software is continuing to work closely with the PostgreSQL community release timeline and enhancing the features unique to HG-PGSQL.

With the release of HG-PSQL 2.3, HighGo Software is committed to delivering value to its end-users through innovation and building on top of open source-based database solutions (PostgreSQL 13.3). Our goal is to deliver a solution with high performance, reliability, and ease of use for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.

What’s New

This update is to notify you about the new software release of HG-PSQL 2.3 which is based on PostgreSQL 13.3 release.

HG-PSQL 2.3 is built on top of PostgreSQL 13.3, PG 13 includes significant improvements to its indexing and lookup system that benefit large databases, including space savings and performance gains for indexes, faster response times for queries that use aggregates or partitions, better query planning when using enhanced statistics, and more.

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Who Is This For

This update is for the user who are using or interested in HighGo Postgres (HG-PSSQL). We will be providing update for HG-PSQL 2 release every quarter which will be in sync with community update for PG-13.