HighGo PostgreSQL Server 2.2

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Release Notes

HighGo Software Canada (a subsidiary of HighGo Software Inc) is ready to release an update for HighGo Postgres Server (HG-PGSQL 2.2). It contains all the changes included in PostgreSQL community release version 13.2 plus additional useful features unique to HG-PGSQL.

HG-PGSQL 2.2 is built on top of already feature-rich and powerful open-source database solution (PostgreSQL 13.2) and HighGo software is continuing to work closely with the PostgreSQL community release timeline and enhancing the features unique to HG-PGSQL.

With the release of HG-PSQL 2.2, HighGo Software is committed to delivering value to its end-users through innovation and building on top of open source-based database solutions (PostgreSQL 13.2). Our goal is to deliver a solution with high performance, reliability, and ease of use for small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.

Update Highlights

This update is to notify you about the new software release of HG-PGSQL 2.2 which is based on PostgreSQL 13.2 release.

HG-PSQL 2.2 is built on top of PostgreSQL 13.2, PG 13 includes significant improvements to its indexing and lookup system that benefit large databases, including space savings and performance gains for indexes, faster response times for queries that use aggregates or partitions, better query planning when using enhanced statistics, and more.

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In addition to variety of fixed included in PG 13.2 release, HG-PGSQL 2.2 contains following fixes unique to HG-PGSQL functionality :

Record types declared in HG-PGSQL Packages are now accessible from PL objects outside of the Package. Previously if the user created a record type inside a PL package, they were only accessible to functions and procedures of the package. With this fix, the record types are now accessible to functions and procedures outside of the package.  (Jira Ticket ID HES-973) 

While taking a dump of the HG-PGSQL package, the search_path value was being added in order to quality external objects used inside the package. With this release the search_path is being removed and now all the external objects used inside the package would need to be schema qualified. If the object is not schema qualified, it will be resolved according to the user search_path. (Jira Ticket ID HES-980) 


HornetLabs Technology Inc (Highgo Software Inc)准备发布一个关于HighGo Postgres服务器的更新版本(HG-PGSQL 2.2)。它包含了PostgreSQL社区发行版13.2中包含的所有新增更改,以及HG-PGSQL独有的额外使用特性。

HG-PGSQL 2.2建立在功能丰富且强大的开源数据库解决方案(PostgreSQL 13.2)之上。HighGo软件正在继续与PostgreSQL社区发布时间表紧密结合,并加强HG-PGSQL的独有功能。

随着HG-PSQL 2.2的发布,HighGo软件致力于通过创新让开源的数据库解决方案(PostgreSQL 13.2)为终端用户提供更高价值。我们的目标是为小型、中型和大型企业提供高性能、超可靠和易用的解决方案。


此更新旨在通知您有关基于PostgreSQL 13.2发行版的HG-PGSQL 2.2的新软件发行版。

HG-PSQL 2.2建立在PostgreSQL 13.2 PG 13基础上,包括显著改善其索引和查询系统,更有益于大型数据库:包括节省空间和性能指标,减少使用聚合或分区查询所需的响应时间,使用统计加强时更好的查询计划等等。


除了PG 13.2版本中包含的各种修复外,HG-PGSQL 2.2还包含了以下HG-PGSQL功能特有的修复:

现在可以让HG-PGSQL程序包外部的PL对象访问程序包中声明的记录类型。 以前,如果用户在PL程序包内创建了记录类型,则只能由程序包中的功能和过程访问它们。 有了此修复程序,记录类型现在可用于程序包外的功能和过程。