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HighGo Postgres Server (HG-PGSQL) is built on top of already feature-rich PostgreSQL starting from version 12.0 code base and continue to merge with the community updates and changes.

With HG-PGSQL, the HighGo team aims to deliver a superior database solution with strong emphasis on high performance, high reliability and ease of use for small, medium and large-scale enterprises. HG-PGSQL brings significant performance and usability improvements on top of existing PostgreSQL in terms of table partitioning, sharding, basebackup, global transaction management, migration, administration, and much, much more!

The HighGo team is committed to delivering more value to its end-users with our expertise and innovation. Our goal is to deliver a solution with high performance, reliability, and ease of use for small, medium and large-scale enterprises.

Feature Highlights

Parallel Backup

HG-PGSQL introduces parallel backup feature that is built within pg_basebackup front end tool and user can specify the number of worker threads as command line arguments. This allows pg_basebackup tool to spawn multiple parallel workers that help spread the total work load; each worker can perform full base backup on a portion of the target database cluster in parallel and therefore utilizing the system resources more efficiently and reducing the time required.

Enhanced Table Partition Syntax

HG-PGSQL greatly simplifies the table partition creation syntax by allowing the user to create partitioned table along with its partitions and sub-partitions in one consolidated SQL statement.

Enhanced Shard Management

The Enhanced Shard Management feature is built in postgres_fdw extension in HG-PGSQL and can be extended to other FDWs. This is a useful feature designed to automate the creation and deletion of sharded tables.

Global Transaction Manager

HG-PGSQL provides the features to manage global transactions, which enables write workloads to be used with Sharded tables which was not possible in official PostgreSQL due to missing distributed transaction feature. This is a great stride in Shard Management in HG-PGSQL and making it possible for both write and read workloads to benefit from the Sharding solution.

Package Support

A package in database is translated into a named schema object that packages within itself a logically grouped collection of procedures, functions, variables, cursors, user-defined record types, and reference records. HG-PGSQL enhances the database compatibility by providing package features to ease the complexities of migration to PostgreSQL from other DBMS systems.

Orphaned Transaction Management

A prepared transaction can be left unfinished or un-executed, which cause the table locks to be obtained without being released, causing unexpected deadlocks in other queries. For this reason, it is important that there is a way of either notifying the administrators or independently handling the orphaned prepared transactions to allow for a smoother database operations.

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Current and previous versions of Highgo PostgreSQL Server distribution are available in forms of RPM packages and can be downloaded from HighGo Yum repository.

Visit https://yum.highgo.ca/ to access the download page

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