Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

HighGo Software regards the most advanced open source database in the world, PostgreSQL, as the core and integrates easy-to-operate interface, enhances operating performance and built several auxiliary tools to ensure the stability and simplicity of the product.

The goal of the HighGo team is to continuously enhance the product and provide tremendous value to our end users in variety of areas.

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At the moment, we are supporting Red Hat/CentOS 6 and 7 platforms for version 12.x and Red Hat/CentOS 7 and 8 platforms for 13.x. RPMs are available in HighGo yum repositories. We expect to add Ubuntu 18.04 support next.

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HighGo Postgres Server

Official Release - based on PostgreSQL 12 and beyond

HighGo Postgres Server (HG-PGSQL) is built on top of already feature-rich PostgreSQL starting from version 12.0 code base and continue to merge with the community updates and changes.

With HG-PGSQL, the HighGo team aims to deliver a superior database solution with strong emphasis on high performance, high reliability and ease of use for small, medium and large-scale enterprises. HG-PGSQL brings significant performance and usability improvements on top of existing PostgreSQL in terms of table partitioning, sharding, basebackup, global transaction management, migration, administration, and much, much more!

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