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Free Space Mapping file in details

1. Overview Previously, we discussed the MAIN fork file and corresponding extension at Heap file and page in details. This blog will explain a little bit more about the Free Space Mapping file and corresponding extension. 2. What is a Free Space Mapping file A Free Space Mapping, FSM, file is a file that keeps…
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Heap file and page in details

1. Overview PostgreSQL is a great open source database, and many users chose it because of the efficiency of its central algorithms and data structures. As a software developer, I was always curious about how each part was done, such as the physical files storage. The reason is that I always see a lot of…
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Parallel Vacuum in Upcoming PostgreSQL 13

Any performance feature in PostgreSQL that mentions the “parallel” keyword excites me. So it was natural that parallel vacuum took my complete attention when it was committed in January 2020.  For the sake of simplicity, we are not going to distinguish between index cleanup or index vacuum in this blog and simply use the term…
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