Author: Movead Li

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

Movead Li

Movead.Li is kernel development of Highgo Software. Since joining into Highgo Software in 2016, Movead takes the most time on researching the code of Postgres and is good at ‘Write Ahead Log’ and ‘Database Backup And Recovery’. Base on the experience Movead has two open-source software on the Postgres database. One is Walminer which can analyze history wal file to SQL. The other one is pg_lightool which can do a single table or block recovery base on base backup and walfiles or walfiles only. Hello Now he has joined the HighGo community team and hopes to make more contributions to the community in the future.

PostgreSQL Community is working on adding built-in sharding in Postgres and it seems that the community is following the FDW based sharding approach for adding built-in sharding for PG. The Parallel Foreign Scan is a very important part of this

Logical Replication appeared in Postgres10, it came along with number of keywords like ‘logical decoding’, ‘pglogical’, ‘wal2json’, ‘BDR’ etc. These words puzzle me so much so I decided to start the blog with explaining these terms and describing the relationships