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Ahsan Hadi

Ahsan Hadi is a VP of Development with HighGo Software Inc. Prior to coming to HighGo Software, Ahsan had worked at EnterpriseDB as a Senior Director of Product Development, Ahsan worked with EnterpriseDB for 15 years. The flagship product of EnterpriseDB is Postgres Plus Advanced server which is based on Open source PostgreSQL. Ahsan has vast experience with Postgres and has lead the development team at EnterpriseDB for building the core compatibility of adding Oracle compatible layer to EDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Ahsan has also spent number of years working with development team for adding Horizontal scalability and sharding to Postgres. Initially, he worked with postgres-xc which is multi-master sharded cluster and later worked on managing the development of adding horizontal scalability/sharding to Postgres. Ahsan has also worked a great deal with Postgres foreign data wrapper technology and worked on developing and maintaining FDW's for several sql and nosql databases like MongoDB, Hadoop and MySQL. Prior to EnterpriseDB, Ahsan worked for Fusion Technologies as a Senior Project Manager. Fusion Tech was a US based consultancy company, Ahsan lead the team that developed java based job factory responsible for placing items on shelfs at big stores like Walmart. Prior to Fusion technologies, Ahsan worked at British Telecom as a Analyst/Programmer and developed web based database application for network fault monitoring. Ahsan joined HighGo Software Inc (Canada) in April 2019 and is leading the development teams based in multiple Geo's, the primary responsibility is community based Postgres development and also developing HighGo Postgres server.

I will start with providing some explanation for the blog title before i dive into the blog itself. The title of this blog is that “Pgpool II 4.1 taking the bull by its horn”, the “bull” in this case is

While managing a small team of development resources working on PostgreSQL development, I sometimes get resources in my team that have good development experience but are new to PostgreSQL. I have developed a short set of training instructions in order

Built-in Sharding Architecture The build-in sharding feature in PostgreSQL is using the FDW based approach, the FDW’s are based on sql/med specification that defines how an external data source can be accessed from the PostgreSQL server. PostgreSQL provides number of

Declarative Partitioning So far we have discussed scalability, what is scalability, why and when you need and what are the different types of scalability. Now we are starting to get into the meat of this topic and will discuss declarative

I recently had the opportunity of taking part in couple of interesting talks on the future of sharding in PostgreSQL. The first talk was delivered by Bruce Momjain in PostgreSQL conf Ottawa (May 2019) in which he presented the future