Month: October 2021

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

About the Event In November, 2020, PostgresConf.CN and PGconf.Asia2020 cooperatively organized 2020 PG Asia Conference online for the very first time! This conference attracted over 100 participating experts, scholars and speakers around the world to deliver a grand technical feast for all the participants. The event was broadcast exclusively via

1. Overview When I was working on some backup and recovery related features for a project based on Postgres, I noticed that there is file called backup_label. By quickly google search, you can find some very nice blogs or books which discussed this topic, such as, The Internals of PostgreSQL,

1. Introduction Recently I have been practicing the internals of PostgreSQL continuous archiving and the point in time recovery features that are required for my current development work. Today I would like to demonstrate these important features with the recently released PostgreSQL 14 on Ubuntu 18.04. 2. Write Ahead Log?