Month: September 2021

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

1. Overview In my previous blog, I briefly walked through how the bulk/batch insertion was done for postgres_fdw in PG14. In this blog, I am going to run some basic tests to compare the performance for before and after the batch insertion was introduced in postgres_fdw, so that we can

HighGo CA has released a routine update for its supported database systems on all supported platforms. HighGo Software Canada (a subsidiary of HighGo Software Inc) has released an update for HighGo Postgres Sever (HG-PGSQL 1.8) and HighGo Postgres Sever (HG-PGSQL 2.4).  The HG-PGSQL 1.8 update contains all the changes included

1. Introduction Recently I have been tasked to familiarize myself with the Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) interface API to build a new FDW capable of doing vertical / columnar sharding, meaning that the FDW is capable of collecting column information from multiple sources and combine them together as a result