Month: August 2021

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

Load balancing increases the system throughput from the application standpoint by distributing the read load from application to multiple replicated database nodes. Some time ago, I wrote a blog discussing effectiveness of Pgpool-II load balancer in different scenarios. Pgpool-II provides one of the best user-friendly load balancers for PostgreSQL that

1. Overview postgres_fdw has been existing in PostgreSQL for many years, and it was one of the most popular interfaces used in many extensions. such as the PostgreSQL foreign data wrappers wiki page, and PostgreSQL Extension Network/PGXN. However, I had not touched this postgres_fdw in deep until I got a

So for one reason or another you have decided that you need horizontal scalability and you need to achieve it with PostgreSQL as your database. So what options do you have? The PostgreSQL database supports vertical scalability and can run on bigger and faster machines to increase the performance. But

1. What Is Security? The word “Security” is a very broad concept and could refer to completely different procedures and methodology to achieve. Knowing what security means to your application is very important, so you could execute proper security practices and procedures to ensure the safety of your company’s assets.