Month: July 2021

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

1. Overview I was working on the PostgreSQL storage related features recently, and I found PostgreSQL has designed an amazing storage addressing mechanism, i.e. Buffer Tag. In this blog, I want to share with you my understanding about the Buffer Tag and some potential usage of it. 2. Buffer Tag

During my most recent expedition of going through PostgreSQL source code, I ran into some mysterious variables in the page structure of some indexes. I will explain later why i am calling these mysterious but first have a look at these variables… typedef struct HashPageOpaqueData{ ... uint16 hasho_page_id; /* for

1. Introduction I am working on a new PostgreSQL feature that redefines the way a tuple’s visibility status is determined. The feature is working very nicely until I start doing a large SELECT query, which triggers PostgreSQL to spawn multiple parallel workers to process the request. When this happens, the