Month: June 2021

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

I have spent a few days trolling through the features added to PostgreSQL 14 and in this blog, I want to share some statistics about PG-14 contributions, hopefully, you will find these statistics interesting. Please note that this data is based on my research on PG 14 contributions by going

Back in August 2019, I wrote about the Horizontal scaling / Sharding in PostgreSQL and where it is going One of the key feature that i talked about in this blog is parallel foreign scan i.e. asynchronous append of FDW nodes. Finally the first patch of this feature was

HighGo CA has released an update for its supported database systems on all supported platforms. HighGo Software Canada (a subsidiary of HighGo Software Inc) has released an update for HighGo Postgres Sever (HG-PGSQL 1.7) and HighGo Postgres Sever (HG-PGSQL 2.3).  The HG-PGSQL 1.7 update contains all the changes included in