Month: April 2021

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

Indexes are key database server features that enhance its performance to retrieve data faster than a complete table scan (unless the index is vastly bloated). They generally work by maintaining a smaller set of data in a more “searchable” structure as compared to the complete table data. This data organization

Back in Nov 2021, I wrote about calling Stored procedure from Java and demonstrated how we can call a simple stored procedure from Java or a one that contains a IN parameter. I have done some more playing around with calling Stored procedure from Java so this blog is about

There are many advantages to using bind variables in SQL statements, especially in conditional statements. Using bind variables can save the trouble to parse and optimize the query in every execution. There are also disadvantages such as bind variable will make optimizer lost its prediction accuracy and cause performance decrease.

A hierarchical query is built upon parent-child relationship, the relationship exist in the same table or view. The relationship dictates that each child can have one parent while a parent can have many children. Hierarchical query is a SQL query that handles data of hierarchical model i.e. an organisation structure