Month: October 2020

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

1. Overview Previously, we discussed the MAIN fork file and corresponding extension at Heap file and page in details. This blog will explain a little bit more about the Free Space Mapping file and corresponding extension. 2. What is a Free Space Mapping file A Free Space Mapping, FSM, file

When inserting data into a table, you can specify that the value of a field is null. For example, for a table t (i int, j int, k int), we can execute insert into t values (8,1,6), or insert into t values (3, null, 7) to insert a record with

1. Overview PostgreSQL is a great open source database, and many users chose it because of the efficiency of its central algorithms and data structures. As a software developer, I was always curious about how each part was done, such as the physical files storage. The reason is that I

Watchdog is the high availability component of Pgpool-II. Over the past few releases watchdog has gotten a lot of attention from the Pgpool-II developer community and received lots of upgrades and stability improvements. One of the not very strong areas of pgpool-II watchdog is its configuration interface. Watchdog cluster requires

WAL is short for Write-Ahead-Log. Any change to the data is first recorded in a WAL file. The WAL files are mainly used by RDBMS as a way to achieve durability and consistency while writing data to storage systems. Before we move forward, let’s first see why we need a