PostgresConf.CN and PGCONF.Asia 2020 combined together to bring the best

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PostgresConf.CN and PGCONF.Asia 2020 combined together to bring the best

The PostgreSQL community is anxiously waiting for an exciting online PostgreSQL conference taking place in November 2020. It would be a unique opportunity as PostgreConf.CN and PGCONF.Asia will be merged in order to provide wide range of topics covering various aspect of PostgreSQL ranging from Administration, Performance tuning, Hacking PostgreSQL, Security, Scalability, Foreign data wrappers and much much more. 

Official Websites:

PostgresConf.CN is an annual event held by the China PostgreSQL Association for PostgreSQL users and developers, PostgreSQL is a leading open-source relational database with an active and vibrant community. PostgreConf.CN 2019 took place in Beijing, it was very well attended by PostgreSQL users and community members across the globe.  It is also one of the conference series held by PostgresConf Organization.


PGCONF.Asia is a shorthand of the Asian PostgreSQL Conference which has been hosted in Tokyo from 2016 until 2018. The conference was held in Bali for the first time in Sep 2019 and it is intended as the Asian level of PostgreSQL International Conference, being the HUB and the Summit of the PostgreSQL Community throughout Asian Countries.


PostgresConf.CN and PGCONF.Asia 2020 will be combined to offer the best and in-depth technical discussion on PostgreSQL world in 2020. Please note that PostgreConf.CN and PGCONF.Asia will be co-hosted only in this year, since will go other Asian countries, while will only happen in China,

Official Websites:

Call for Paper

We are expecting a big turnout for this conference as the PostgresConf.CN 2019 and PGCONG.Asia 2019 was very well attended. Since both conferences are combined this year, it will attract many PostgreSQL enthusiasts from around the globe and specially belonging to the Asian region. 

We have received an overwhelming response from PostgreSQL speakers from around the world to speak at the conference,  there are some slots that are still available but they are getting filled very rapidly.  Please use the following link to register and submit your talk proposal asap.


The conference will have audience from around the world as-well as primarily from Asian region therefore the talks will be relayed in both English and Mandarin language. This is done in order to reach out and cater for more audience.


 The schedule for the conference would be as follows :

Day 0Nov 17, 2020 / Tuesday
Unconference + TutorialsDeveloper Meeting
Day 1Nov 18, 2020 / Wednesday
Day 2Nov 19, 2020 / Thursday
Open ceremony and talks
Day 3Nov 20, 2020 / Friday


The conference will have the following tracks, we will have PostgreSQL community experts presenting their topics for the following tracks.

  • Community
  • DBA
  • Scale-out  (Vertical and Sharding)
  • Unconference
  • New features
  • Networking / Breakout sessions
  • Panel discussions
  • Experts channels (place where you community directly with the speaker about his topic and ask questions)
  • Case studies
  • Tutorials

Virtual conference halls / online theatre

It will be an online conference this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the sessions will come live in the dedicated virtual conference halls. All the sessions will be recorded and the recordings will be available later on the youtube channel.

There will be an online conference with talks for different tracks (mentioned above). The participants can connect to any available virtual conference room/stream in order to join the talk or a breakout session.

Please connect to any of the given online streams for listening to a talk or taking part in a networking or QA session.

  • Main Hall (Steam 1)
  • Secondary Hall 1 (Stream 2) – we can name the virtual halls differently
  • Secondary Hall 2 (Stream 3) -  we can name the virtual halls differently
  • Lounge for breakout and networking session (Stream 4)
  • Help Center

Zoom software will be used as the main webinar system, while we will provide the live stream to Facebook, Facebook Live, and Twitch, etc platform (usually with 10 – 20 seconds delays from Zoom).


The following committees are established in order to manage the conference and ensure that is produces the best value for the audience.

Chairman Board of Advisory

  • Bruce Momjian (PostgreSQL Global Core Team, U.S.A)
  • Joshua D.Drake (Co-Chairman of PostgresConf.ORG, U.S.A)
  • Tatsuo Ishii

Steering Committee

NOTE: All Advisory board members are also part of the Steering Committee.

Vice-Chairman of Steering Committee

Grant Zhou (China PostgreSQL Association, Highgo) – Main contact person, the interface between the China team and oversea countries.

China Team

  • Guohua Bai (China PostgreSQL Association, Highgo) – Main organizer in China, oversees all organizational activities in China.
  • Zhongzheng Zhou – Alibaba
  • Scott Xiao – SequoiaDB Market and ecology Director
  • Wang Yang – Pingan Technology
  • Xianwen Zhu – Wenwu Technology
  • Mingjun Jiang – AntDB Director
  • Yandong Yao – Founder of yMatrix Tech

Global Team

  • Julyanto SUTANDANG (Indonesia)
  • Hitoshi HEMMI (Japan)
  • Tatsuro YAMADA (Japan)
  • Kaori Inaba (Japan)
  • Ibrar Ahmed (Pakistan)
  • Oleg Bartunov (Russia)
  • Lucky Haryadi (Indonesia)
  • Magno Domingo (Philippines)
  • Kitti Upphariphotisong (Thailand)
  • Amanda Nystrom (USA)
  • Ioseph Kim (Korea)
  • Dang Minh Huong (Vietnam)
  • Ahsan Hadi (Pakistan)


This is going be a really exciting conference as two major events are coming together to offer the best technical topics for PostgreSQL from the experts and will attract PostgreSQL enthusiasts from around the world.

Please hurry to submit your proposal for the talk using the link given above before all the slots are taken.