Month: February 2020

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

Any performance feature in PostgreSQL that mentions the “parallel” keyword excites me. So it was natural that parallel vacuum took my complete attention when it was committed in January 2020.  For the sake of simplicity, we are not going to distinguish between index cleanup or index vacuum in this blog

Version 4.0 of Pgpool-II added some very exciting security and authentication features to make it more relevant and useful for enterprise environments. It adds support for providing encrypted passwords in pool_passwd and configuration files and lets the administrators chose different authentication methods to be used for the Client<–>Pgpool-II and Pgpool-II<–>PostgreSQL authentications.The two

The lock is an essential part of a database system. In PostgreSQL, there are various locks, such as table lock, row lock, page lock, transaction lock, advisory lock, etc. Some of these locks are automatically added to complete the database functions during the operation of the database system, and some