Plan for 2020 – With continued focus on making community Postgres stronger

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Plan for 2020 – With continued focus on making community Postgres stronger

HighGo Software is committed to working and contributing to the PostgreSQL community, most of the features that are added to HighGo Postgres are also submitted for the community Postgres. The features will take longer to get into the community release due to the community process. We fully appreciate the tremendous value that we are getting from our baseline product and our aim is to continue giving back to the the community in different ways so the community Postgres continues to get better and better.

We are also contributing to the community by doing patch reviews, bug fixes,  writing technical blogs about  PostgreSQL and related technologies. The HighGo team often tops the planet postgres “top teams” and “top posters” chart. Please visit the following link for the all blogs posting from The 2020 plan for team is to contribute even more to the community by reviewing more patches, fixing bugs and contributing features.

Coming back to our plan for 2020,  Contributing back to the community PostgreSQL will be our main high level goal for 2020, we are targeting to do more community patch reviews, bug fixes and blog writing for PostgreSQL and related tech’s. 

In terms of feature development we will be working on database server features as-well as developing useful server extensions. 

Our area of focus for 2020 are the following : 

Following features will be worked on for each category :


The article provides a brief overview of our plans and vision for 2020. The areas of focus along with the features falling under each category are listed. Our mission is to continue giving back to the open source community as-well providing value to our end-users. I will provide more updates through the year as we progress on our plans and will provide mode details about the feature as the development progresses.  

Our contact details are available at  the website. We love to hear from our users about our product and any interesting features that we can add to our product and contribute to the community.