Month: January 2020

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

HighGo Software is committed to working and contributing to the PostgreSQL community, most of the features that are added to HighGo Postgres are also submitted for the community Postgres. The features will take longer to get into the community release due to the community process. We fully appreciate the tremendous

HighGo Software (Canada) recently released its first version of HighGo Postgres database server engine.  The GA version of HighGo Postgres i.e. HG-PGSQL 1.1 was released in Dec 2019 on the official website, the product can be downloadable via YUM from the HighGo Software (Canada) products page, please see the link

Prepared transactions are a key feature of PostgreSQL. Understanding what this feature offer and handling any potential pitfalls is critical to maintaining a system that is reliable. So let’s take a dive into what prepared transactions are all about.  A Little Bit About Transactions In a database system, transactions are

1. Introduction This is part 3 of the blog “Understanding Security Features in PostgreSQL”, in which I will be discussing how to apply TLS in both PostgreSQL server and client using the principles we have learned in part 2 of the blog. In the end, I will also briefly talk

1. Introduction This is part 2 of the blog “Understanding Security Features in PostgreSQL”, in which I will be discussing TLS in greater details. I will begin by going over some of the most important security concepts around TLS before jumping into enabling TLS on PostgreSQL server. I believe it

1. Introduction PostgreSQL is packed with several security features for a database administrator to utilize according to his or her organizational security needs. The word Security is a very broad concept and could refer to completely different procedures and methodology to achieve in different PostgreSQL components. This blog is divided

1. Overview PostgreSQL is one of the most popular free open-source relational database management systems in the world. Other than complies to SQL standard, PostgreSQL also provides a great extensibility which allows users to define their own extensions. With such a great feature, PostgreSQL is not only a database but

1. Overview This tutorial provides detailed instructions to help a newbie setup the building and debugging environment with the latest Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers for current Postgres 12.1 release on LTS Ubuntu 18.04. Below is the key requirement. Linux: ubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-amd64 Postgres: REL_12_STABLE branch Eclipse: eclipse-cpp-2019-12-R-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz 2. Install Ubuntu 18.04