Vancouver Postgres Group Meetup Event – Kubernetes Best Practices for Distributed SQL databases

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Vancouver Postgres Group Meetup Event – Kubernetes Best Practices for Distributed SQL databases

Date: October 24, 2019

Guest Speaker: Andrew Nelson, Developer Advocate from YugaByte

About Vancouver Postgres User Meetup Group

Vancouver Postgres is a Postgres user meetup group based in Vancouver, Canada. It specializes in building Postgres users to the related ecosystem including but not limited to technologies such as RDS Postgres, Aurora for Postgres, Google Postgres, PostgreSQL.Org Postgres, Greenplum, Timescale and ZomboDB.

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Guest Speaker: Andrew Nelson

We are pleased to announced Andrew Nelson from YugaByte as guest speaker, who will share his extensive knowledge in distributed SQL databases and kubernetes deployment to the local Vancouver meetup group.

Andrew giving his A game in the presentation

Andrew has over 20 years of technical experience in the field of cloud computing, enterprise storage, virtualization, disaster recovery and big data and has worked for several large companies such as Nutanix and Vmware.

Andrew recently joined Yugabyte as a Developer Advocate with strong focus on usability and extensibility of YugaByte DB as a data platform within the Kubernetes and public cloud ecosystem.About the Presentation

About the Presentation

Here in Vancouver, Andrew shared the 4 important stages to deploy distributed databases with Kubernetes with great emphasis on the Design stage.

  • Design
  • Release Management
  • Operations
  • Monitoring

Andrew did a fantastic job to deliver this technical presentation in a fun and interesting way by using real life references to demonstrate the 4 important stages.

He uses bricks and mortars to emphasize the importance of fundational work, the Mondadnock Building in Chicago as a building built solely by bricks to illustrate the importance of good management and operation, and finally to the empire state building in New York as a skyscraper build by bricks supported by steel frames to illustrate the importance of support and monitoring.

Overall, it is a very interesting meetup event.

A Productive Meetup Event