Day: August 8, 2019

Enterprise PostgreSQL Solutions

Built-in Sharding Architecture The build-in sharding feature in PostgreSQL is using the FDW based approach, the FDW’s are based on sql/med specification that defines how an external data source can be accessed from the PostgreSQL server. PostgreSQL provides number of foreign data wrapper (FDW’s) that are used for accessing external

Declarative Partitioning So far we have discussed scalability, what is scalability, why and when you need and what are the different types of scalability. Now we are starting to get into the meat of this topic and will discuss declarative partitioning and sharding in PostgreSQL. The sharding functionality is being laid

I recently had the opportunity of taking part in couple of interesting talks on the future of sharding in PostgreSQL. The first talk was delivered by Bruce Momjain in PostgreSQL conf Ottawa (May 2019) in which he presented the future of Sharding in PostgreSQL and talked about current state and

Recently, I did some work with Sawada-san on the TDE. So I studied on the encryption algorithm. So far, I study five modes in the AES. In this document, I will introduce the difference in the five kinds of mode. General The block ciphers are schemes for encryption or decryption