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Pakistan Office Open

I am very pleased and thrilled to inform that I have joined HighGo Software Inc as a VP of Development and General Manager Pakistan office. HighGo Software is the largest commercial PostgreSQL provider in China. It is also a core member of the PostgreSQL community in China and is the initiator of China PostgreSQL Association, under COPU (China Open Source Software Promotion Alliance) organization. Here is a link of China PostgreSQL association

Cheers to Highgo Pakistan, with your great contributions I believe Highgo will achieve another success in the global community.

– Jian, President of Highgo Group

HighGo is setting up a small R&D office based in multiple locations which will primarily work on PostgreSQL development and will help PostgreSQL grow in this community. We recently started our HighGo Postgres development office in Canada and Pakistan and also expanding the team in China.

Attached a few pictures on HighGo Software Inc Pakistan office for PostgreSQL development. We have a humble beginning starting a small office of PostgreSQL experts who will be working in the community as well as HighGo Postgres.

While the plans are still under discussion, HighGo Software intends to have its own fork of PostgreSQL with some unique features with the goal of contributing those features to community PostgreSQL. We also intend to work very closely with the community and contribute features back to the community and of course work on other community activities like patch reviews, bug fixes and most importantly presenting and promoting PostgreSQL.

Stay tuned for more developments.